The Brooklyn Bloggers Who Brought Down Paul Manafort

The Daily Beast
“He derided the interest that his finances had generated in the news media and among do-it-yourself researchers, some of whom have even set up a website that dissects his loans.”

- The New York Times
“…two lawyers living in Brooklyn, Julian Russo and Matthew Termine, dug into Mr. Manafort’s real-estate transactions and discovered the loans from Mr. Calk’s bank. They posted their findings on a website,, named for the property’s address…”

- The Wall Street Journal
“...these transactions were first reported by... two citizen journalists at”

“...according to 377 Union, a website named for the address of the Manafort property in Brooklyn. The website, run by two New York lawyers, in February detailed financial transactions that Manafort and his family have made.”

- Chicago Tribune
“The loan data was compiled from public sources by two New York attorneys, Julian Russo and Matthew Termine, who published it on a blog.“

- The Intercept