The Wellington Farm

Publicly available documents demonstrate the following:

September 20, 1999:  Paul Manafort buys a 5-acre horse farm in Wellington, Florida for $889,000, financed with a $711,000 loan from BB&T Bank. (linklink)

October 24, 2003:  BB&T notifies Manafort that it is seeking to foreclose on the Wellington property. (link)

February 12, 2004:  Manafort borrows $2,821,000 from BB&T Bank, secured on a property in Alexandria, Virginia.

March 15, 2004:  Court rules that unless a total of $756,551, including principal, interest and penalties on the Wellington loan, is paid in full, the Wellington property will be sold at auction on June 28, 2004. (link)

March 16, 2004:  Manafort borrows $250,000 from Abdul Rahman al-Assir, a middle eastern arms dealer, secured by the same Alexandria, Virginia property (link).

July 20, 2004:  Manafort sells the Wellington property for $1,550,000 and BB&T drops the foreclosure action. (link)